The Seahawks schedule for 2017 was released Thursday evening and Brandan from the Sea Hawkers Podcast joined up with our very own Stuart to run down the list of games this season.

The guys talk about starting off on the road against Green Bay, while they were a playoff team last season, they talk about the reasons why an early matchup could be preferable. Seattle takes on the 49ers in the home opener before finishing a stretch of games that likely pits them against the best quarterbacks they'll see all season in a four-game span.

Three of the next four games feature strong defensive fronts with the Rams, Giants and Texans. With the first prime time game coming in Week 4 against the Colts, Seattle goes on a stretch of prime time games in the third quarter of the season. It kicks off in Week 10 against the Cardinals as the Seahawks face a division rival in the only scheduled road game in prime time. It gives the team an extended week to prepare for their Monday night matchup with the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons in Week 11. After the Thanksgiving weekend matchup with the 49ers, Seattle jumps back into the primetime slot in Week 13 against Carson Palmer and the Eagles.

Unless it snows in Seattle, December looks to be a rather warm month for the team as they face Jacksonville (the only 10am start on the schedule) and a game at Dallas on Christmas Eve. Arizona has a two-game winning streak in Seattle that the Seahawks hope to end in Week 17 of the regular season.

Before closing out the show, the guys offer their early predictions on the team's record and talk about upcoming plans for next week's shows on both the Sea Hawkers Podcast and the Pedestrian Podcast. 

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